October 07, 2011

Make-up and Hairstyles for a shoot


So. beautiful :)

I was the hairstylist and make-up artist for a shoot a few days ago... what an experience! I think they turned out incredibly well. These are just a few of the lovely pictures that came from it. :)

October 04, 2011

Should we all dress modestly?

Suppose a guy named Damien feels called by God to go and become a missionary in Africa. He follows God's call dutifully and prepares to go there... But suddenly, all Christians in America decide to do the same, exact thing. Yup. Out of the blue all Christians are migrating to Africa to share the gospel. They figure, if God calls Damien to go to Africa, then it *must* be His will for everyone else.
I call this the one size fits all mentality.
When everyone leaves for Africa, a shortage of Christians develops in the states.... they're all in Africa, right? While Africans are being told about the gospel, Americans have no more opportunity to hear the good news. This leads me to the question, was it really God's will for *all* Christians to go to Africa? 
Today I received a thought-provoking comment from Maria, and I would like to share it: I love your sense of style! I just wonder why you think ALL people should be like you? I'd love to email you to talk about it more. Is there any way I can contact you besides comments? 
Should all people be like me? I answer with an emphatic no. God created each person differently, with a unique purpose and plan. No two fingerprints are alike, and neither are two life plans. If we all dressed the same way, did the same jobs, and met the same people, our lives wouldn't reflect the creativity of our God. 
Not all people are called to dress particularly modestly, and in a way, that's a good thing. If you try to witness to people in a bar and wear a head-covering and a jumper, you won't get listened to for very long. Matter of fact, you probably wouldn't even be there in the first place. Another person who isn't as demure in their dress (haha) might have an easier time connecting with others in that circumstance and challenging them in their faith. In any case, they'd certainly attract far less attention. It is a fact that Christians lead different lifestyles. Not everyone is the CEO of Walmart, and not everyone is out on a farm in the middle of Nebraska. God places us in different walks of life, so we can reach different people. 
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Queen Esther was called to marry King Ahazueras, and through that the entire Jewish nation was saved. Noah was called to build a big boat in preparation for the flood, and through that the human race was preserved. If we took God's call for each individual to be the same for everyone, we'd end up with a lot of boats and big shortage of kings. O.o Some of us are models in NYC, while others are construction workers in Dubai. One way of life is no better than the other, if we are following God.  
There is also no call to judge someone else because they don't believe in modesty or another specific of Christianity... And I have to admit I have been culprit of this, and I apologize. It is the heart that matters and must be right before God, and guess what! We aren't the judge. God is. 
So when you read this little blog, please realize that I'm only sharing what God leads me to do, and this is by no means gospel truth. Base your life upon the Bible, and please don't take any other source as truth, including my blog... :)))
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