March 18, 2011


~Princesses, Tiaras, and Inspiration :)
This is Sleeping Beauty, if you were wondering ;)
A modern day Cinderella....

Sleeping Beautys are rather difficult to
identify without the prince, don't you think?
Well, now you can guess who this is about *wink*
I once wore a tiara, and it was pure bliss! (for the 2 hours I had it
on... it was so beautiful, and now I love tiaras and wish I had one ;)
 A beautiful train.... remember Princess Diana's 24 foot long train?
I know she was going for drama, but that is a little over the top!
I am so enchanted by castles... they are so beautiful. I think
the best ones are the grand, ancient ones that are half-crumbling
and no one cares about... except you. They are mystical and
whimsical all at once. Wouldn't it be a joy to live in one? ;)
And castles that are always on display and being used for
movies get on my nerves! How about an old world castle
tucked away in Ireland where you can spend your days
in a medieval world? =) Tell me if you ever get one of
these delicious houses!
Fog and castles.... oh so mysterious!!
If I lived in a castle, I would probably spend half my time
looking for secret passage ways and hidden secrets that were
 locked away for hundreds of years.... I  would write countless
tales about those who lived in the castle before, dreaming
about their  lives and fantasizing their existence. :) 
*Swoon, Gasp, Scream* Is this castle for rent? ;)
I hate fake looking castles, such as this
one. It looks so Disney Land-ish. :P 
Aw!!!! So sweet!
~Disney Princesses
Sleeping Beauty...
Cinderella, whose movie happens to be one of my favorite in the world. :)
And she is truly my favorite princess, ever.  By the way, this quote ends with,
"No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream
that you wish will come true."
Rapunzel, from Tangled. =)
Had to add this! haha!
~Historical Princesses
I admit, she is not a princess anymore, but she once was,
a very long time ago.  Now she is Queen Elizabeth II :) 
Princess Grace of Monaco :)
Marie Antoinette {no, this is not a real picture of her!}
Diana, Princess of Wales {I LOVE her tiara... *swoon*}
"Whatever comes," she [Sarah Crewe] said, "cannot alter one thing. If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside. It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it." ~A Little Princess
I hope you all have a lovely, beautiful weekend! :)


Mary said... pretty! *Swoons* I always wished I was a princess when I was younger, but I guess I really am one...I'm God's princess!:) And that's the best kind to be! :))) God bless~

Southern Belle said...

Mary, I completely agree; being God's princess is the best kind! However, I still wish I was an earthly princess ;)

Our Life and Journey! said...

"Is this castle for rent?" Funny! I really enjoyed this post. There's is a princess in all of us just dying to get out! I pray your weekend is full of blessings!


P.s Thank you so much for the recommending the book!

Southern Belle said...

Aw your welcome! :)

Anonymous said...

Miss Belle, :)

These pictures were pure loveliness!

Yes, castles are beautiful, but I have heard that they are cold and drafty places to live. However, looking for secret passage ways sounds fun. Oh, and if I ever find a castle, I am NOT telling you. You might try and convience me sell it to you. :)

I wore a tiara on my wedding day as part of my wedding garb, tee hee. I had beautiful sequence on the train of my wedding gown, but is was not 24 feet long, goodness!

Anyway, I am "talking" too much. Take care. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I always wanted to be a princess and spent my time writing about secret passages in castles!

Southern Belle said...

haha!! Lady Rose, I would definitely advise you NOT to tell me, since my powers of persuasion would be put to immediate use ;)
Oh, that sounds *lovely* You should post a photo on your blog sometime... :) Thank you so much for commenting!
Fredericaknits, I always did the same thing!! (except I daydreamed it all, instead of writing it down ;)

Anonymous said...

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Follow us, our collection is onsale!
Have a nice week end!



Southern Belle said...

Thank you, Luminave, I will! :)

Savories of Life said...

Your title cought my attention since i love Southern Bells and anythign Civil war. Infact I hope to post civil war thigns on my blog soon. Your post was beautiful. I will read it often.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :)


Southern Belle said...

Thank you so much, Savories of Life! :) And your welcome, Luminave =)

kaymck89 said...

Enchanting pictures. I love to look at dreamy things like this. How do you find all these romantic pictures?
Speaking of castles, I too wish for secret passages in my house, and your post made me think of a wonderful book I just read. It is called "The Laird's Inheritance" or "Warlock o' Glenwarlock". It is by George MacDonald, who is a wonderful author. You will fall in love with castle Warlock; it's just the kind you like, but that's not the best part. The best part is the beautiful uplifting story, and God honoring characters. Check it out.

Southern Belle said...

Kayla, I mostly find the photos on tumblr, by following good blogs! George MacDonald? oh, I love his book the princess and the goblins! I will definitely have to check out that one :)

Anonymous said...

Actually that Princess up there isn't the Queen - it's her younger sister Princess Margaret Rose ;-) So - always a Princess, although sadly no longer alive.

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