October 04, 2011

Should we all dress modestly?

Suppose a guy named Damien feels called by God to go and become a missionary in Africa. He follows God's call dutifully and prepares to go there... But suddenly, all Christians in America decide to do the same, exact thing. Yup. Out of the blue all Christians are migrating to Africa to share the gospel. They figure, if God calls Damien to go to Africa, then it *must* be His will for everyone else.
I call this the one size fits all mentality.
When everyone leaves for Africa, a shortage of Christians develops in the states.... they're all in Africa, right? While Africans are being told about the gospel, Americans have no more opportunity to hear the good news. This leads me to the question, was it really God's will for *all* Christians to go to Africa? 
Today I received a thought-provoking comment from Maria, and I would like to share it: I love your sense of style! I just wonder why you think ALL people should be like you? I'd love to email you to talk about it more. Is there any way I can contact you besides comments? 
Should all people be like me? I answer with an emphatic no. God created each person differently, with a unique purpose and plan. No two fingerprints are alike, and neither are two life plans. If we all dressed the same way, did the same jobs, and met the same people, our lives wouldn't reflect the creativity of our God. 
Not all people are called to dress particularly modestly, and in a way, that's a good thing. If you try to witness to people in a bar and wear a head-covering and a jumper, you won't get listened to for very long. Matter of fact, you probably wouldn't even be there in the first place. Another person who isn't as demure in their dress (haha) might have an easier time connecting with others in that circumstance and challenging them in their faith. In any case, they'd certainly attract far less attention. It is a fact that Christians lead different lifestyles. Not everyone is the CEO of Walmart, and not everyone is out on a farm in the middle of Nebraska. God places us in different walks of life, so we can reach different people. 
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Queen Esther was called to marry King Ahazueras, and through that the entire Jewish nation was saved. Noah was called to build a big boat in preparation for the flood, and through that the human race was preserved. If we took God's call for each individual to be the same for everyone, we'd end up with a lot of boats and big shortage of kings. O.o Some of us are models in NYC, while others are construction workers in Dubai. One way of life is no better than the other, if we are following God.  
There is also no call to judge someone else because they don't believe in modesty or another specific of Christianity... And I have to admit I have been culprit of this, and I apologize. It is the heart that matters and must be right before God, and guess what! We aren't the judge. God is. 
So when you read this little blog, please realize that I'm only sharing what God leads me to do, and this is by no means gospel truth. Base your life upon the Bible, and please don't take any other source as truth, including my blog... :)))


Vicki said...

This is a great post! You've actually answered a question that has kind of been nudging me in the back of my mind (something along the lines of, "Does a girl have to dress modestly if she's a Christian?"), and I just want to say thank you.(: Everyone is different, with their own purpose and their own special way of fulfilling it. Everyone also has their own standards of modesty. For me, I may not live up to some people's standards, but the point is that I live up to my own, and what I feel comfortable about wearing, and what I feel is appropriate.

Thanks again for a thought-provoking post! ^^


Ashley said...

First of all I want to say I’ve enjoyed your blog very much. You share so many cool pictures!

I don’t wish this comment to come across in an attacking way so please know my intent is just to share some truths and principals I have learned frothe Word of God.

You made the statement that “Not all people are called to dress particularly modestly”. I believe that there will be some diversity in the way each Christian dresses but as Christian women we are ALL called to dress modesty.

1 Timothy 2:9-10 NASB “Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments, but rather by means of good works, as is proper for women making a claim to godliness.”

Properly adorning ourselves in a way that does not entice men to lust, tempt other women to be jealous or distract for the Gospel is very important. Modesty is all about giving God glory and serving our brothers and sisters.

~Ashley@ Stay-At-Home Daughter

Courtney said...

I like it! I love and admire Queen Esther and love that you put her in this post. Beautiful with the photograph too. Thanks for sharing your heart!

Sierra said...

Great post! I try to dress modestly and I definitely don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or provoke bad thoughts. But I'm not completely comfortable in a skirt...I don't feel led to wear skirts all the time. And that is just me :) I love the points you made in this post :) Judging....unfortunately we all fall into it :( I'm with you :) Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

Miss ALK said...

What a wonderful blog post! It really made me think, and I loved your example with the missionary.

xoxo Miss ALK


StanwyckFan said...


Elizabeth said...

This is a wonderful post!! Thank you for sharing!! I completely agree with you 100%!

The Momma said...

I came to comment almost exactly what Ashley already did. We are all called to modesty but that may mean different things to different people. You are also right that we should not judge others who's definition of modesty differs from our own.

Southern Belle said...

The Momma and Ashley:
Honestly, I personally agree with you. I believe the Bible does state that modesty (inward and outward) is very important. I obviously thought it important enough to start a blog about modest fashion... :)

So the reason I wrote this post was because my view is not the only view on this issue, and I didn't want people to think I'm proclaiming gospel truth on modesty. Some people believe modesty, when referred to in the Bible, relates to the heart, as an attitude, and doesn't need to be transferred to the outside. We can't say this view is right or wrong; we aren't God. He shows us His will for our lives, but that plan may not be the same for others.

I hope I've made it clearer that I agree with you, but there are definitely others ideas on this issue. :))

Rune [Digital] said...

I would like to comment that modesty can have several meanings: It can mean covering more skin or it can mean dressing in a way that's appropriate.
What's appropriate for the ladies in the Amazon will not be appropriate for the ladies in Saudi Arabia, and both are dressed modestly for their own culture.
So I believe that Southern Belle is trying to say that her cultural way of dressing is not the only way to dress.
Each of us knows what is modest for our own culture, though, and we should dress (and act) accordingly.

Ashley said...

Thank you for clarifying. I guess I would still have to respectfully disagree when you say “We can't say this view is right or wrong; we aren't God”. No we are not God but we do have His Word and His Word is always true. I can’t be dogmatic on exactly what length a skirt should be or exactly how low a top can go (though we can follow some principals in this area) but I believe if a person studies 1 Timothy 2:9-10 and various other places in the Bible we can be dogmatic that modesty is about the heart AND outer appearance. I’m not a Greek scholar but studying some of the commentaries on these verses has been most helpful.
Thanks so much for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely written. Modesty is a touchy issue which has the unfortunate power to hurt others (I myself was very much hurt by the "skirts are holier than jeans" mentality so much so that it took me a few years to be able to stand skirts below my knees.) Today, modesty is important to me, significantly because I am a Christian. For whatever reason, many other Christians do not regard modesty in that way. However, it isn't my place to judge them or tell them what to wear. I actually find this a really confusing topic and that is why this comment is so muddled...basically, I REALLY LIKE what you are saying here! Your last line is especially awesome. :)

anthea1017 said...

I really like you, Southern Belle. (i aint lesbian lol) I pretty much agree with everything that you say:)) Even though you are more fashionable than me, I am glad that we share the same beliefs:))

Southern Belle said...

haha, Anthea1017.... thanks :))

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, that was my comment. I just noticed this post now (I came to see what happened since you haven't posted recently). Thank you for clearing that up. I believe in God and I try to dress modestly (not showing too much skin). I just think we have to be careful when talking about religion and modesty together because it can be highly misunderstood. In fact, the reason I even visited your blog was because some people I know found your blog are were complaining about what I initially commented about.
I am so glad you wrote this post. Perhaps this should be a "post of note" or something so that people will know you have the best intentions and or not telling them what to do.

Ruthven said...

actually it's impossible to have an opinion without judging- that IS what opinions are, and God certainly wants you to have a good opinion on modesty! People confuse all judgment with negative judgment (and it's funny how the most judgmental people are always the ones to jump on the defensive "OMGOSH DONT JUDGE ME U JUDGMENTAL BIGOT!1!!" train). It's soooo hard for me to not always be snappy when people are rude about modest girls, abstinence, Christians, whatever- I've been trying to be more positive and I have some progress but it's so far from easy!

Anyway, I really LOVE your blog- it's pretty to look at, creative, incredibly useful and fun, and you inspire my own blog! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very well said! I really enjoyed reading this post! ~Jordan

The Christian Diva said...

I love your blog and so glad that a proclaimed Christian is talking about fashion in Christ (besides myself). The world can impose the views of style and beauty but their eyes can not define what Christians know to be truths. We are called to dress modestly, so we have to discuss fashion to define the boundaries of modesty for a Christian in this era. I agree that everyone has their own journey but within this journey they should be growing spiritually which includes their modest apparel. It is like with anything, growing from drinking milk to eating meat...you grow and should grow in knowledge. In dealing with style it is a vital part in life. First impression is normally last impression and for a Christian who's mission is to save souls it should be something that should be invested in behind the content of the soul. I might not agree with others definition of modesty but I can respect their discussion, and pull positives that I can apply on my journey. So thank you and just stand on the word and Christian Styles can be defined. Love you in Christ Jesus!

A Song of Joy said...

If we profess to be believers, then we are commanded to dress modestly. This goes for ALL Christians, however, since the Bible does not give specifics, we must act based on principles we see in scripture. We will each give an account before God someday. "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15 ESV

NOTW4LIFE said...

Well said!! Some may judge us by what we choose to wear and what we choose to cover up... We all choose and make those choices on how we life, what we wear and what we put in our lives! I prefer modest clothing but that's not always the case for some we want to spread the gospel not impose anyone to change there appearance or there selves.. that is something they decide to do on there on walk with God.. though I could say so much more I think you did a pretty good Job!!

Visit my blog sometime at http://notw4life.blogspot.com/

supremecouture said...

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Emily said...

Hello Southern Belle!
I have subscribed to your blog, and really like it. I have tagged you here: http://janeaustenmad.blogspot.co.nz/

Thankyou! God Bless,

Anne Marie Schlueter said...

I just came across your blog and it is truly wonderful! As a Christian, though, I have to say that God does call ALL women to modesty, as referenced in the verses previously posted.
You are doing great things! Keep up the amazing work and may God bless you for it.

Laura Elizabeth said...

Great post. I believe modesty is just as much an attitude as it is a wardrobe choice. You're right, it's not our place to judge people who choose not to dress modestly. Also, it's not a Christian's place to judge a brother or sister for their personal convictions about modesty. Christians need to remember that when saddling this issue with fellow Christians and non Christians alike, Modesty isn't the Gospel. Christ is.


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