Fundamentals of Style

Style is expressing yourself through fashion. This page is devoted to helping you discover your style, and help it become a reality. This page will list all the posts I have written and will write relating to the fundamentals of style, and compile them in one easy place, so you can reference them really easily.

"Signature Style":
"Romantic Style"
"Classic Style"
"Bohemian Style"
"Dramatic Style"
"Trendy Style"
"Natural Style"
"Eclectic Style"

How do you dress age-appropriately? :
"Age Appropriate Style"

Clothing Essentials:

Body Shape:
"The What, Why, and How of Body Shape"

Lady-likeness and topics to ponder:
"A True Lady {No not Scarlett!}"
"Ladylike Elegance: Sitting Down"
"What's the Big Deal with Skirts?"

Style Inspirations:
"Vivien Leigh"
"Dita Von Teese"
"Audrey Hepburn"
"Diane Kruger"
"Grace Kelly"

*Under Construction* Please check back soon!
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