May 06, 2011

Style Inspiration: Diane Kruger

To me, she will always be that girl from the movie National Treasure 1 and 2... I admired her character's  style *so* much in that movie, but didn't think to research Diane's personal style. Now that was a big mistake. However, I have now, and let me just say, "I am in love!" She is so ladylike and her impeccable taste is so obvious. Gorgeous gowns, golden hues, and vintage inspired curls sprinkle her look, yet she makes room for the unconventional looks as well. Prepare to be inspired. :)
Such a demure length, but it is kept "modern" by the sparkles
on her dress. Personally, I like that length best as knees peeping
out of the bottom of a dress look weird. In all honesty! ;)
Now how is that for a Bohemian inspired look? Love the dress,
but the hair.... not so much. :P Also the sleeves look like they
are about to fall off. Hows that for uncomfortable?
Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! And modest as well :)
I love how she wears red velvet but keeps it "young",
something I find very difficult when wearing a darker velvet
dress. Thats probably because I am not Diane Kruger ;)
I. am. in. love. It is just spectacular. Yes, it isn't extremely
modest, but it is classy, and that is more than most can boast of :)
So... whos going to try and buy one exactly like it? ME!
Just beautiful. I don't needs words to describe this.... it is pure elegance.
This would look better with some waist definition. But the
details are exquisite. Definitely lovely.
So, what do you think of one shoulder dresses? I think they are
beautiful... but modest? Still figuring that one out ;)
Now that is splendid. Ooh, those roses are just lovely :)
I just wish the back was different, although it *does* add
The front of the dress above. {because you needed to see the
beautiful front ;) }
That dress is so vintage-y cute. And her hair? Ooh la la!
What striking color! 
More boho? Still, the color is lovely.
So I didn't really post this for the dress, but because
Orlando Bloom was with her. He makes a picture worthwhile. ;)
Although we can be inspired by these looks, they are difficult to incorporate into daily life, non? Really, how many of us wear a ball gown on a daily basis? So what can we glean from her style? {as shown. I am *sure* she doesn't just wear fancy frocks} While each person may be inspired differently, I think we can learn three things:
~Diane is obviously a classy, classy woman. Class comes from the way you carry yourself and the confidence and poise that you radiate in any situation, from the red carpet to the supermarket. There are many women who throw on a prom dress and easily look amazing, but far fewer are the ladies who display elegance, grace, and aplomb. We may never attend a society gala or the academy awards, but we must not allow that to excuse us from developing those qualities which Diane so beautifully displays. :)
~Diane knows what colors look best on her. This may sound silly, but wearing the proper colors for your skin, hair, and eyes is absolutely important. Has anyone ever told you that the certain color you were wearing brings out the color of your eyes or the highlights in your hair or your sun-kissed glow? Well, why not wear colors that do that for you everyday? Sounds nice you say, but how do I know which colors look best on me? No, don't worry. It isn't trial and error. ;) I use "The Chic Fashionista", a website full of amazing fashion advice. I did the seasonal color analysis, and came out as a spring, although I vary as to which type of spring I am:
I couldn't say off the top of my head what coloring Diane is, but she obviously knows, and that is the important thing. :) Go check it out and tell me what you are!
~Lastly, Diane is not afraid to experiment. In this post alone, she has done the regal, boho, girly, glamourous, and glittery look. Off duty, you will often see her in blacks and whites with a rocker edge. In other words, she doesn't have many style boundaries. I often find myself stuck in a rut of the same style over and over again: pink, girly, and romantic. But recently, I have been trying new looks such as vintage, classic, rocker {I know! :scary:}, boho, etc. It is really refreshing, even if I only do it ever so often. Diane's style has obviously encouraged me to do that more though.
Well, I like those insights from her style. Maybe I should do that more often in these "Style Inspiration" posts. What do you think? Did it make her style more realistic for you? Also, I need help deciding what to post about next! Style inspiration on Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johanssen, Princess Diana, or something on maternity fashion? Tell me your preferences, please!
Have a lovely day, and God bless! :)
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Tristans_Isolde said...

What a lovely post! I think Diane has such elegance and grace. What I also love about her is how her hair style always reflects and compliments what she is wearing!

I really enjoyed this post and I think it would be wonderful if you were to do more "style inspirational posts"

God Bless,

~Wings of Dawn~ said...

Lovely pictures, as usual :) . But this time, even better, you brought out some really strong and fabulous application points for us clueless folks who would have walked away thinking "what next?" otherwise!! So, sweet work here, and keep it up! Can't wait to see what's coming up next!

Southern Belle said...

Thanks both of you :) Lol wings of dawn... you are too funny!

Hayden said...

I love her sleeves in picture #13!

Farmgirl said...

I love the second dress! Although not sure if I would like all the sparkles!

I also like the 5th photographed dress altough I don't think its very modest to tight and no top!

Thank you for following my blog,and I'm glad you liked the hairstyle I posted,I'm planning on some more soon. (if a certain sister will let me use her hair.) :)

Maddalena said...


Sierra said...

Ooh!She was so good in those movies!
I luv the second one, the sixth, seventh, eleventh(really like) and the fourteenth. She sounds like she has some really good fashion sense.
ooh!Princess Diana please!I think I'm a jeans and t-shirt mostly kinda girl.And flip-flops.I love flips-flops.And boots.And heel beach sandals.O.K. so I love shoes who doesn't?Sierra

Southern Belle said...

Farmgirl, I agree... I was debating about putting it up and did, but decided to remove it :) lol! Sometimes you have to let it rest and then decide. Thanks for the comment :)
Yes, yes! Who doesn't like shoes? ;)

Maddalena said...


Anonymous said...

Southern Belle,

Just wanted to stop by quickly to let you know that I have not forgotten about you or your lovely blog. :)

Take care.

-L. Rose

Southern Belle said...

Thank you, Lady Rose :) You are so kind!

Jen said...

Yes, I love the post pictures and Diane is pure elegance but I, my dear, am obsessed with YOU!!! You are lovely, whimsical, fashion savvy, a captivating writer and I just already love you to pieces!!! I think we should be friends =).

Southern Belle said...

Thank you!
Ooh, I *completely* agree!! We should definitely be friends! Thank you so much for that lovely compliment :)

Ruthven said...

actually like almost are stars she often wears the wrong colors. sapphire blue and red, for example (especially such a dark red) wash her out and look too dramatic on her. I don't see how you can say you dont know what color season she is (I'd go with spring, as in she needs delicate, warm colors) and then say she's wearing the right colors. Not being rude, just making a point.

she has pretty nice style though. And she's German! That's my favorite part about her ;) Germany is to me what France is to you, pretty much, haha.

Ruthven said...

also, we dont know if she is classy or not. we really don't know anything about her. Just because she dresses mostly classy doesn't make HER classy. after all, did you know Grace Kelly slept with lots of men?

And I don't want or mean to sound critical, but are you seriously going to post about Kate and Scarlett?? Those two are about as far from classy, modest, beautiful, and Christian as it gets. They have ugly personalities and frankly I rarely see them wear anything particularly spectacular anyway. Why don't you blog about Sandra Dee, Tuesday Weld, Taylor Swift, Carrie Prejean, etc.? actually beautiful, classy women? (well, Taylor's songs and some of her skirt lengths could be classier.

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