February 28, 2011

Ladylike Elegance: Sitting Down

Bonjour! :) Yet again, I am starting another series, this time on etiquette. (Yes, I am still continuing my other ones... ;) The topic for today will be about sitting down in a ladylike, graceful manner. You may wonder, 'Er, why is this important? I understand you're into ladylikeness, style, grace, elegance, fashion, poise, class, and glamour... but is it truly necessary to devote a whole post to the art of sitting?!' Constantly, I see women {and men} sitting in a completely vulgar way, and frankly, it looks awful and it is truly disgusting to watch. Etiquette isn't about personal comfort; it is about respect for yourself and those around you. You will feel like a lady when you sit in a classy way, and people will treat you like one. Don't wave aside this topic, no matter how idiotic and tedious this may seem, as it will truly benefit you in the long run! =)
Slouch. Sit up straight, even when you have
to  sit for  two hours.... determination is a virtue!
~When crossing your legs....
Angle the supporting leg to the side
and keep your ankles as close as
possible! {see above example}
Right above, we have an incredible example of Vivien Leigh looking classy while crossing her legs in a skirt. However, unless you have posture and poise to match her, please refrain from crossing your legs in a skirt.... it ruins the feminine loveliness of your dignity. =) This is my opinion, and if you feel elegant while crossing you legs in a skirt, I will not say a word. ;)
~When sitting down......
You can fold your hands, palms facing up, like this
lovely example :)
~When wearing a skirt.....
Tuck one foot under the other :) It
looks ladylike, feminine and lovely!
~When wearing pants....
You have license to cross your legs. Even though I don't
like it ;) So if you must, *feel* free.... =)
~When wearing a skirt....
Don't cross your legs. =) Why? Crossing your
legs is a "male" position, and frankly, it looks
strange when you have a skirt on. And yes, I
am anti-feminist. Were you wondering? ;)
Sit with your feet apart. =)
~When wearing pants, preferably....
Tuck one foot under the other, as the
beautiful Grace Kelly demonstrates :)
~In public, pants or not, NEVER....
Sit like this.... or lounge about, sticking
your feet up in the air.... enough said.
~You may.....
Fold your hands and place them in your lap, and it will look gorgeous :)
~If you hate all this complexity, just think, "Knees together, and ankles together. :) No stress!" There is absolutely no hassle in that!
How is tucking one foot under the other going? If you find it difficult, you are NOT alone! Here is a funny video from Princess Diaries about her experiences with this pose.... ;)

It was so fun writing this post. ;) I must improve in my elegance and poise.... =)
God bless!
~Southern Belle

February 24, 2011

Spring Styles!

       I *love* spring! Who doesn't like flowers and warm weather and sunshine? ;) Even if you do despise spring, you simply cannot hate spring clothes! They are light, fresh, and cheerful.... so beautiful! =) Here are a few of my favorites from Ruche and Anthropologie: (Note: the courtesy for these photos are the above two links. Thank you! :)

Here is a little quote for you... :) Don't you
think it is lovely? Such a good reminder to
walk with poise....
This is so adorable!! 

This is a nice "rugged" skirt (and we all need one of those ;)

Every girl needs a statement red coat. Really! :)

I love, love, love this skirt! The
only problem is that I have one
exactly like it. :P
This really reminds me of lemon
sorbet.... delicious!
Polka dots... need I say more?
Some of these below are mini-dresses,
but I am not saying they are modest!
I usually wear mini dresses over jeans
because they just look like a cute long shirt. :)
This is soooo pretty!
Ever woman needs a maxi dress... they are
so cool {as in cold} and feminine. :)
For some reason, this reminds me of
mint chocolate chip ice cream. haha!
I love this skirt.... 
I am seriously considering buying this...
what do you all think? Isn't it just plain
Soooooo sweet!

This is a vest, by the way, not a shirt.

I'm also considering buying this... :) 

The color.... so beautiful!!!
I just love that little bow!
I am so sorry for the lack of posts recently! I was *thwarted* in my attempts. Details? Whenever I tried to load photos onto blogger, it always said "server rejected". :P I fixed it by switching to the old editor {go to the tab settings and scroll to the bottom of the page} to load the photos then I switched to the new editor to write the post. {Just in case you are wondering, or having the same problem} If you know a better remedy, please tell me!!!! :) Pretty please, with sugar on top, if you like. =)
God bless!
~Southern Belle

February 18, 2011

Style Inspiration: Grace Kelly

   Almost a week ago in my post about "Dita Von Teese", I mentioned that I was starting a series on style paragons. :) This is the third post in that series, and of course, it is about Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly, an American actress, embodied timeless elegance, class, and grace. Please enjoy this snippet of her beautiful style! =) (Note: the links below the photos are for copyright purposes only. Thank you!)
This is my absolute favorite photo of Grace...
it was taken the day before her wedding to
Prince Ranier of Monaco. (Yes, she married a
Prince!! How romantic is that?! ;) I can't help
but gush over the modesty of her dress.... =)
Hats are truly one of the greatest accessories of all time. :)
Her dress in this photo is to die for!
Her coat is so gorgeous..... Has anyone else noticed that pearls
are always her accessory? ;)
If you read my post about
"Head-scarves", you may remember
this photo, but I decided to
put it in anyway. :)
Just gorgeous.
I love that necklace!!! (you probably
can't see it, but it is beautiful. :)
This dress is lovely on her. =)
So casually chic!
This is the lovely dress she wore on her engagement....
I adore it. :) It is so elegant and modest!
This is the dress she wore in "High Society", the
last film before her marriage. :) Rather lovely, don't
you think? ;) bramblewoodfashion.blogspot.com
I really want this dress. It is so classy and modest!
*Sigh* The dresses they produce today are so pathetic
compared with something as lovely as this! ;)
I love, love, love this traveling look!!!
Grace Kelly made the birkin bag famous. It looks so lovely...
and it is so pricey!
More birkin bag.... ;)
I am in love with this photo of Grace.... she really
likes pearls doesn't she? ;)
Such a lovely photo.... don't judge me, but I love
fur. Seriously love it. (not that I have any...)
She looks so happy!
I love that dress!
On her wedding.... isn't the cake gorgeous?
After getting her Oscar.... :)
On her wedding!!
This is the only "dramatic" photo (in the sense
 of  Vivien Leigh) I have of her... she such a "smile"
sort of person! :)
She was older in this photo, and she was with
Nancy Reagan. :)
I love this dress..... but I love most things she
is wearing.... ;)
The ones directly below me are from Life magazine... if you would like to see it close up, click on the enlarge button. :)

Grace Kelly
So beautifully casual!
Grace Kelly
I love that fur wrap!!! *swoon*
Grace Kelly
She looks so gorgeous..... :) (and yes, she is wearing a dress. )
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly
I adore her hair!!! She had some weird hairstyles sometimes, but this one is gorgeous!
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly
This is a photo when she was much older.... :)
Grace Kelly
*sigh* I had to finish on a pink photo! ;)
Wasn't her style lovely? I must emulate her timeless elegance and class, while learning from her stunning style. :) *sigh* I am a LONG way away from having a style anywhere near as beautiful as her... :P
God bless!
~Southern Belle :)
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