January 30, 2011

Spring Runway Looks 2011

Leafing through my multiple folders on the computer, I stumbled across a folder containing spring runway photos. :) You can imagine how happy I was, since I know can post my favorites on this little blog. What a sweet surprise! Thank you, God. :) Here are those long belated photos! Enjoy! :)
(All photos are from Vogue.com)
The glittery cardigan is so cute, and those
pants are what I would call modest. What
do you all think? :) Diane Von Furstenburg
D&G were really fantastic this season... as
shown by this gorgeous and modest lace dress!
Wouldn't you LOVE to have it? :)
I love her make-up and hair... and the dress
is really cute. :) Ralph Lauren
I heart these spectacular pants! It is SO hard
to find modest pants, but those are really nice!
(And yes, I think the turban is just plain cool. :)
Giorgio Armani
D&G were really high on my list this season!
Just look at all that pink!!
Another beautiful dress from D&G
I actually like something from... Alexander
McQueen?? *Gasp* But, this dress is gorgeous!
I almost screamed when I saw this!!!!! I LOVE
it! So classy and chic. *Sigh* It surely has a price
tag to match. :P This is by my favorite designer of
all time (drumroll, please) Oscar de la Renta!!!! 
That hat is sooooo cute! And the dress would
be nice, if it were on a different person. :)
Oscar de la Renta
Gorgeous. Oscar de la Renta
I love this maxi! And the shirt would be really
chic, if it were miles higher on the neckline. ;)
Can you guess? Oscar de la Renta
So classy and modest!
Oscar de la Renta 
This is one of the only jumpsuits I have seen
and like. Pink and ruffles score high on my list!
Oscar de la Renta 
Seriously, the person who buys this dress
and wears it will feel like a princess!
Oscar de la Renta
He just made black lace classy. This man
is a genius! Oscar de la Renta
*sob* I really want this dress! (anyone know
how to get a dress exactly like this for... less? ;)
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
The print is a little weird, I admit. But, it has
gloves and a dress!!!! (the top part is NOT modest,
just to clear things up ;) Oscar de la Renta
Beautiful!!!!! Same thing for the top part :)
Oscar de la Renta

So pretty! Oscar de la Renta
GORGEOUS. Yes, with capitals ;)
Oscar de la Renta
Does this guy read my mind or something??
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Ralph Lauren. I love that dress!!!!
Some of you do not share my style, so I will
show you a photos of something modest that
I would never wear. ;) So, maybe that is a bit
better for you? ;)
Who is your favorite designer? :)
Southern Belle

January 28, 2011

My Style Paragon

The woman who inspires my style may surprise you. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy all have lovely style, but my creativity is immediately sparked whenever I see a picture of this woman. Her name is Vivien Leigh. Although I don't endorse all of her films, she was a very classy woman, who was rarely seen without a pair of gloves and perfectly matching clothing. (All the rage back then! :) There is a faraway look in her eyes, a melancholy sweetness that touches my heart. Sadly, Vivien Leigh suffered from Manic Depression, and did not experience the peace and hope that comes from trusting in Jesus as her savior. I find sheer genius in her style, and I would love to share with you a few of my favorite photos of her. Well, maybe a lot. All right, a TON! :) This lady has class and style. God bless!

From a movie, I believe :)
So happy!
Gardening, while gorgeous!

They are so cute together! With Olivier, of course :)
So gorgeous!
She is sooooo stylish!
This is so beautifully modest!
A funeral look? Anyway, she looks spectacular!
What simple, quiet beauty!
What a beautiful dress... (although immodest :/ )
This girl is uberchic!
Traveling in style, with husband Olivier :)
So chic... :)
I love this photo of Vivian! She looks soooo
beautiful! :)
Quite immodest, but I love this style!
So casually stylish!
I love the dress, though it is fairly immodest :(
After winning an Oscar!
In "Gone with the Wind" (she really did have the MOST amazing eyes!)

A gorgeous lace scarf.... *bliss*
This was for a movie!

Don't judge me. I like fur :)
With husband Olivier. Oh, don't you just love those gloves??
She is so pretty! AND she is wearing a head scarf!
I love her style!!!
I love, love, love, love her hair! And I love this
casual look!!! :)
With husband
How ladylike!
She has amazing eyes!!!
I LOVE her smile!
With husband Olivier
With her husband
Laurence Olivier
Beautiful Vivian :)
The angle of her head is
weird, but I love color photos
of her, as there are so few :(
Another gorgeous smile :)
She has very defined cheekbones ;)

*Sigh* Vivian Leigh truly is my style paragon. She embodied grace, class, and poise, although she had a very tragic life. At home and in the public, her style was classic and dramatic... pure gorgeousness. I hope that you were inspired by Miss Leigh's exquisite style. :)
God bless, my dear readers! :)
~Southern Belle

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