February 03, 2011

Frame Size

In my post about "Body Shape", I mentioned that it is important to know your body shape when you dress to flatter your body. :) Another significant aspect of dressing for your body shape is knowing your frame size. Why? If you are large boned and tall and you carry a very tiny bag, it is only going to make you seem very broad. On the other hand, if you carried a bag that corresponded with your size, it would flatter you body much more. Or what if you were very small boned and you carried a huge bag.... you get the picture. ;) So, click on the link below and measure yourself! Check back later for more on practical application. :)

Frame Size Calculator: http://www.medindia.net/patients/calculators/framesize1.asp#ixzz1CtOJgDIL

God bless!
~Southern Belle

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