February 15, 2011

Middle-Figure Essentials

I admit that I have been procrastinating... :P But I finally compiled a list of all the essentials for the Middle-Figure body shape. :) If you have utterly no idea what I am talking about, please click on this link, and you will be directed to a post about the why's and what's of body shape! But for those of you who do know what I am talking about, please read on! =) 
The commandments for middle-figures: (Much of this information was adapted from cardiganempire.com, one of THE most fantastic Christian fashion websites ever. Period. Please check it out! :)
~Never accent your fullest asset with belts, tucking in your shirt, cinched waists, elastic waistbands, or anything that draws a line across your midsection. Yes, ladies. No horizontal stripes! ;)
Monochromatic colors are
colors in the same section.
~Draw attention to your lovely face! {yes, this is true for everyone, but especially this body shape} Leave your necklines open with v-necks, scoop necklines, or sweetheart as they frame your face. Stay away from anything which covers all of your skin on top. (no turtlenecks! :) Use your jewelry to draw attention upwards, and try not to cover your arms! (think: cap sleeves) ~Wear monochromatic clothes. No, I don't mean you have to wear matching tops and bottoms, but wearing colors in the same color family is very important. You don't want a huge color contrast that cuts your figure in half, but colors in the same family will streamline your figure. :) For example, don't wear a blue shirt with a pink skirt. Stick within the same color family.
Those are the principles to live by, but really, don't be legalistic. :) But, here are some practical examples:
Peasant Blouses look great on this body
shape because they skim over your midsection.
Try to get one like this example with an empire
waistline a a wide neckline. :) The cap sleeves
look gorgeous too! =)
Layered Ruffle shirt. :) Again, empire waist
always looks best on you. :D
Any top that flows over your body
will look lovely. A rounded neckline
or a v-neck line look best. :) A dropped
waist (A waist that narrows at your hips)
will work very well for your body shape =)
~Try to opt for a lighter color on the bottom, as you can appear rather top heavy. The lighter color will draw more attention downwards. 
The rise is very important in whatever pants you wear. The rise is the specific place a pair of pants sits on your body. Study the picture below. (Sorry about the bare midriffs!) The photo is from Nordstrom.com which has amazing videos about fitting jeans, by the way. ;)
The middle figure should embrace the mid rise at all cost. The high rise can create that mom jeans look, and the low rise can create those marks of love: love handles. So love those mid rise trousers/pants! :) When you get jeans/trousers, stay away from skinny jeans at all costs! :) {If you don't wear them anyway, just bear with me} Why? Since you may be somewhat top heavy, your slim legs will magnify that, and you could appear toppled. A good rule of thumb for the apple figure is don't go tight on the bottom! However, if you are a slim apple, you could probably go for the straight leg cut for your jeans/trousers. But the best options for apples are definitely bootcut and flare. Confused? ;) Here are a few photos explaining it all the options for the cut of your jeans/trousers:
A bootcut fit is not quite flared, but it
does not stay the same size from the knee
downwards like a straight cut. Think of
it as in between a flare and straight cut.
Technically, the thigh fit for this example is
quite tight. In reality, the fit would not be
this form fitting. (Same for the example below)
Nordstrom.com (Citizens of Humanity)
A flare cut is generally looser in the thighs
and flares much more than a bootcut. Choose
either cut, according to your preferences! :)
J brand, Nordstrom.com
If you are a slim middle-figure, you can go for
the straight cut style, which is the same width
from your knees downward. :)
Citizens of Humanity, Nordstrom.com
An A-line skirt hitting as high as you deem
modest looks wonderful on your figure. Low
hemlines on this figure aren't very flattering, so
go for knee length, right below the knee, or
calf length. :)
Another flared skirt :) This is a good time
to mention that tucking your shirt in should
be avoided at ALL COSTS!
Oh, this is cute. :)
Chiffon and silk are great fabrics for your skirts. The golden rule for bottoms is: don't go tight! :) 
Now to move on to dresses! (The thing all you feminine girls have been looking forward to... ;)
This dress with the V-neckline and the
empire waistline would look GORGEOUS
on you. I am SO jealous. (It is on sale at
Chadwicks.com for 29.99!!!) Just had to
say that. ;)
Open necklines and empire waistline is
the way to go. From the waistline, just let
the skirt flare out (again, Chadwicks.com
Did I mention Chadwicks is having a HUGE sale? :D I am very, very happy!!!
A gorgeous formal dress... *swoon* Just make
sure the waistline is not on your actual waist
but the empire waistline! :) Chadwicks.com
120 dollars only!!!! 
A gorgeous empire waistline wedding dress :)
Now onto the shoes. :) You're probably thinking, "Shoes?!? There are right and wrong shoes to wear?"
The answer is yes! Please read on. =)
Wedges are absolutely the best shoe for you as they balance
your upper body. These lovely espadrilles are perfect for casual
wear. They feel like flats and are SO comfortable!
I admit, this wedge is over the top. Uber-much.
But for those of you who find wedges rather boring,
I hope this has blown that misconception away. ;)
Jessica Simpson Wedge
Some more ADORABLE wedges. :)
The last category is your outerwear, or coats. :) I have one suggestion for you in this section:
The first button on your coat should
ideally button right below your bust.
A V-neck looks gorgeous on you! :)
Think fitted, but not tight.
(A great website which I get a ton of
inspiration from. :)
I hope this post has helped all of you middle-figured ladies to learn to dress well for your shape! :) If you would like more information, I urge you to visit cardiganempire.com, run by a Christian personal stylist. She is so fashionable, and she does personal style sessions. =)
The next shape I will be writing the essentials for is the "Hourglass Figure"! Stay tuned and God bless, my dear readers!
~Southern Belle

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