April 29, 2011

"And they lived happily ever after..."

Someday my prince will come

Someday we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be *happy* forever I know
Someday when spring is here
We'll find our love anew
And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring
Someday when my dreams come true…
Well, Kate Middleton's dream did come true when she finally married her Prince William. :) 

Personally, the part where the groom walks up the aisle
is completely underrated. :P So here are the two Princes :)
image credit: cbsnews.com
As they walked up that lovely red carpet, they greeted
all the guests. {I am *so* jealous} Let me take this moment
to say that Prince Harry's uniform was absolutely, utterly
blissful. The gold braid, people! All right, Prince William's
was pretty nice too ;) However, it was far too... red :P Besides,
he isn't nearly as handsome as Harry. ;)
image credit: celebrities.gearlive.com
Was anyone else besides me sadly unimpressed by Kate
Middleton's transport vehicle? I suppose I do pay attention
to those minute little details... image credit: celebrities.gearlive.com

However, the dress was beautiful elegant and unusually simple. It
immediately reminded me of the wedding dress Grace Kelly
wore for her marriage to a prince. The lace sleeves were
tastefully modest, yet not too conservative, and the tiara
was refined and classy. Altogether, I don't have much to say
about her dress... I will let it speak for itself in the photos below.
image credit: cbsnews.com
Grace Kelly's lovely dress. I can't decide which I prefer...
What about you?
Look at that beautiful lace! :sigh: I love how most of it is
see through allowing the flower design to stand out :)
And the bustle-ish thing was so gorgeous.
image credit: cbsnews.com
She is not a girl for drama, so she went with quite a conservative
train... very different from Princess Diana's 24 foot long one. ;)
image credit: cbsnews.com
She did her own make-up, and I think she did a marvelous job.
Absolutely exquisite! I love how she busted convention and wore her
hair down. It suits her very well, as her style is rather casual :) However,
she wore hair extenstions! O.o I am still deciding how I feel about *that*
image credit: cbsnews.com

Princess Diana's beautiful wedding dress, which I infinitely
prefer to Kate's :)
Walking up the aisle with her father...
The woman you see behind her is her
sister, Pippa Middleton. We shall see
more of her later in this post :)
Second favorite moment... William says here, "You look beautiful."
Is that not sweet or what? image credit: cbsnews.com

I love her dress :) Prince Harry still looks better than William
though :P I also must complain about the way that William
said his vows. He was so silent and uncomfortable. It felt
like he was racing through them to get it over with, and often
I saw a trace of a snide smile as if he though the message was
dumb. I could be wrong though. Kate delivered her vows beautifully,
and she was poised and gorgeous :) image credit: cbsnews.com
The overhead view... how many of you would be comfortable
with this many guests? {plus the whole world watching on tv}

The moment before Kate is given away by her father... :)
The ceremony. Again, isn't this a lot like Grace Kelly's wedding? I have no
trouble seeing where Kate got her inspiration for this event :)
Exchanging the rings. {sidenote: his sleeves are amazing!}
After the ceremony! celebrities.gearlive.com
In their lovely horse drawn carriage exchanging smiles of pure joy ♥
Love this photo! Her tiara is so pretty :)

I have no idea how they changed from a carriage to a car, but sometime
during that day they rode in this little dream :) I love how they decorated
it with balloons! They even kept that "tradition" ;)
How could we have a post about the royal wedding without
the Queen? She wore a whole lot of yellow, but still
looked charming & cute :) celebrities.gearlive.com
Well, I think even I have exhausted my desire for pictures of "them", so I will now move on to the best and worst dressed of the Royal wedding. Obviously, this is all personal opinion.

Ew. These two princess easily made my worst dressed
list :P Really. A hat with antlers?!
{huffingtonpost.com, same for the ones below}

She looks beautiful, and her dress is so gorgeous!
This lady could have easily
stolen all the attention from
the bride! Look at how utterly
gorgeous she is... She is
very classy and elegant :) And
her hat is just lovely!

The mother of the bride
looking beautiful :)
I LOVE her dress! Just thought I might
mention that.

Although red is usually a no-no
for a wedding, she looks really
wonderful :)
The gorgeous dress Pippa wore to the evening
reception. How lovely! {though showing more
skin than necessary :P }
Kate's dress for the evening reception
was beautiful. I think I like it *almost*
as much as her wedding dress. Almost.
Just an adorable picture to finish off this post: the ring bearers
and the flower girls... future weddings perhaps? ;) socialitelife.co 
Who else watched the royal wedding? For me, it was like a fairytale, a completely magical experience. The star for me was Kate and of course Prince Harry. ;) I pray that HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and HRH Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will live a long, happy life together and if they do not already, come to know Jesus as their personal saviour. :)
God bless them!


Mary said...

I LOVE this post...that was such a *beautiful* wedding!!! And her dress *swooons* Soooo lovely! And I agree, Prince William did seem a bit hurried while saying the vows...maybe he was nervous? Haha, and yes, Harry is pretty dashing;)
Gorgeous pictures!

Angel said...

A beautiful cermony it was! It truly was like a fairy tale. Definatly worth getting up so early for. :D
Have a wonderful day!

Southern Belle said...

I think it was a lovely wedding too :) However, I bet she was SO nervous!

Dylana Suarez said...

This is so wonderful! Super lovely blog!



Southern Belle said...

Aw, thanks :)

Racheal's Journey said...

Yes!! This post was great ,just as I thought it would be! I love the "Best and Worst" dressed section. You hit the nail on the head with the first picture. God Bless them, maybe they'll do better next time.That beige hat is a little loud! I have a question....Why would Pippa use a white dress?I thought only the bride uses white. As for Pippa's green dress... to much exposed in the chest area ;). Again, great post I loved it!!

I'll be back soon,

Poison said...

Nice blog :)) I invite you to my blog

Sierra said...

I totally agree with that(praying for them).Such a wonderful wedding!I loved her dress so elegant yet still fairy tale.Did you like Victoria Beckham's dress?Poor Prince William.He's going bald on top.Sierra

Southern Belle said...

I agree! The hat looks like antlers :P Yes... Pippa seemed to show a lot in whatever she wore. I personally think she should have worn a different bridesmaid dress. {you know, one that wasn't white, and so obviously stealing attention away from her beautiful sister} But maybe that is just me ;)
Thanks :)
Ooh, yes I did. Personally, I didn't like it :P But it was pretty nice seeing she was pregnant and everything. I know! I felt so bad for him as he not good looking AT ALL any more. Poor guy :(

Gabrielle said...

Wonderful post.Wonderful wedding!!

Southern Belle said...

Thanks :)

Acacia ♥ said...

Hello Southern Belle!
You were so sweet to follow my blog!!

I really {{heart}} this post... Since I live in England, I NEED (or rather, should) do a post about the royal wedding. I hope you don't mind if I use some of the pictures used in this post on my wedding blog post... Is that okay? It's so much easier than going to google images. I would credit you. :)

Southern Belle said...

Aw thanks :) Feel free to use the images... they aren't mine anyway!

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