March 31, 2011


Enjoy... :)
Natalie Portman, looking gorgeous
while pregnant! {I really couldn't
notice, actually}
The beautiful Audrey Hepburn, who I just did whole
inspiration post on! :)
Really, I would love to *open* those packages!
But I would NOT love to drive that car...
Now we know how many wedding rings a millionaire has... ;)

I love this photo of Olivier and Leigh... they are so cute!
Confession: how many of us have done this before? ;)

Yes, another castle!

I have been attempting this hairstyle for the
past two years! Any suggestions?
Yes, another photo of the gorgeous miss Leigh =)
My new hat!! {isn't it exquisite?}
Mount Rainier cherries.... delicious!

No, not the *most* modest dress,
but I could make it better with some
of these lovelies in this post. :)
The. Hat. *swoon* And that dress!!! And coat!!
Of course, from Oscar De La Renta :)
This is my closet.... {in my daydreams}
I am saddened by her death and pray for her loved
ones.... she was a beautiful, stylish woman who made
her mark on history. {Elizabeth Taylor}
Only one more day until the weekend! Hope it is a lovely one. =)


Mary said...

Love, love, love this post!!! Beautiful clothes and ladies! Ughhh...I wish I could master Leigh's 'raise one eyebrow and purse lips' face! *Sigh* Haha! Isn't Natalie Portman the most lovely pregnant woman ever?:) :) ~God bless

Ashley said...

I'm LOVIN' this blog!!

Have you ever reasearched Elizabeth Taylor? Married 9 different times....8 different guys. Morallly, she wasn't the best of ladies to admire.

I'm swooning over this whole post, really. No, scratch that. This whole BLOG!

Southern Belle said...

Mary, I completely agree!!! Natalie portman is gorgeous, and Vivien Leigh's eyebrow look is so awe-inspiring... I would love to master it :)
Thank you, Ashley!!! I am so glad you love it... =) I agree with you about the moral part. She is not one to admire in that area, but her style and beauty are lovely. :) The only movie I have seen with her in is lassie, and she is SUCH a cute girl! However, her later life was not very.... admirable. :P

PinkyPi said...

Cute blog!

Check out mine, it's about health, fashion, beauty, accessories, and lots of other stuff! I would appreciate it if you would become a follower and leave comments!

Southern Belle said...

haha, thank you, pinkypi :)

Sterling said...

beautiful, as usual. :)

Southern Belle said...


Anonymous said...

Southern Belle,

That shoe closet is amazing! If I had that many pairs of shoes, I wouldn't know which ones to wear which day! :)

Of course, I LOVED the castle picture! This one was surrounded by pretty flowers. I think I'll take this one, thank you. :)

This blog is SO much fun! I love your beautiful pictures. Where do you find them all? :)


Southern Belle said...

Thank you! I usually find my photos on tumblr. {by following other people's accounts} I collect photos, so if I see something that I like, I won't hesitate to get it :) I have a tumblr account and you can follow me there, if you like my photos:

Ruthven said...

actually, I don't get the big fuss over Liz. Average looking with far too much makeup on, and her style was immodest and not much different from Marilyn Monroe's (or is it Monroe's is not that different from Taylor's?). She was not a classy lady. She also slept with her best friend Debbie Reynolds's husband and justified it by saying he was never Debbie's to begin with. She was basically the slightly more attractive/classy black-haired version of Monroe.

I would like seeing more posts on classy women like Jackie O, Julie Andrews, Sandra Dee, etc.

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