March 04, 2011

Modest Alterations 101

Audrey Hepburn :)

Eventually, everyone will come across that utterly *gorgeous* dress (or whatever it actually is/was ;) that was just shy of making your standards of modesty. Sobbing hysterically, you place that piece of pure delight back on the shelf and face the appalling truth: nothing can be done. Or can it? Personally, I have come across that situation far too often. :P However, in reality, many amazing modifications for modesty have been found, and they are saving outfits daily! {yes, I am being melodramatic} Obviously, I am not going to bore you with the history of people altering outfits to make them more modest. You will not yawn during this post! Well, at least I hope not. ;) Please read on! (The links below the images are for copyright purposes)
~My dress/skirt is just a little too short.....
Add a pair of leggings! :)
~Hate leggings? Just....
Add a slip to lengthen the skirt/dress. :) It really does lengthen it by a
few inches! (Here is a link to the copyright of this photo, and a great slip shop: They have some pretty adorable slips :)
~My neckline is too low and my shirt is rather sheer....
Wear a tank top under your shirt
and viola!
~My shirt/dress shows too much of my shoulders.... 
Add a cute bolero/shrug :)
~My jeans are too tight at the back....
Wear it with a mini-dress and problem solved!
~My dress/shirt is a wee bit too tight....
Add cute cardigan :)
~My shirt gapes open when I lean over....
Scotch tape to the rescue! :)
~I work with little kids, and they keep pulling my skirt down....
Just wear a pair of shorts under your skirt!
~My skirt is sheer.... Wear a slip under it :) {not going to use an image for that}
~My shirt is too sheer and has a low neck-line, and my pants are too low-rise :P Is there something that can fix that all at once?
A leotard will fix those problems :)
From good ol' walmart!

~My formal dress shows too much shoulder... is there a way to make it more modest with something a step above a bolero?
Gloves and a fur wrap/shawl will do beautifully.
Any tips you have for altering clothing? Please share! :)  Just thought I would let you know, you all are amazing and wonderful. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and everything else you do... I am so blessed by you all. :)
Have a lovely day, and God bless!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I bought a long, tight, high-necked, black, long-sleeved t-shirt. It's going to be sooooo incredibly useful! I see way too many pretty tops that I never get because I think, 'I can't wear that - I'd fall out of it', but I plan to buy them & then just wear this top underneath. I'm planning to get a whole bunch of them in different colours so that I can still wear those amazing camisoles!

(And I've used pretty much every tip on this post, except the leotard & the slip suggestions. Maybe I'll give them both a go.)

God bless xx

Southern Belle said...

That is so wonderful... I should probably get myself one of those :) Do try the leo trick, it is my personal favorite! Thank you for commenting =)

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