June 16, 2011

Summer Essentials

I know, for most people it already is summer, but this post is better late than never, right? Of course, this list is just all of *my* summer essentials. I really don't know what I would do without them!
1. An adorable pair of wedges. Really, I can't stand flip-flops, they are too casual unless you are at the pool, beach, or just hanging out at home. I hate it when people wear a gorgeous dress and their hair is done beautifully, and then they throw on a pair of flip flops O.o It ruins the effect. However, wedges are a wonderful replacement of those dreaded flip flops. I absolutely love wedges as they are supportive, but still have a nice high heel. My favorite type of wedges is an espadrille, a wedge with a canvas upper shoe and a braided straw bottom:
Yes, these beauties are my summer shoe :) They are about 41/2 inches
high, they go well with absolutely everything, and happen to be
gorgeous in the process. What more could a girl want? ;)
{This one is from ALDO}
2. A beautiful sundress. They are cool and lovely, perfect for lounging or as a cover-up at the beach! I have countless numbers of these, from blue to pink and everything in between.
Add a tank or tee under it and, "Voila!"
You have a modest dress for the summer!
{This one is from forever 21}
3. A sunhat with SPF protection.
Isn't this one so tres chic? The ribbon is so beautiful!
 Oh, I can just imagine walking around with this little
beauty from H&M!
4. A great pair of sunglasses.
I just have to show you these Prada sunglasses. They are incredible,
so obviously they have a pretty hefty price tag at Nordstrom. However,
sunglasses are available everywhere, from Payless to Prada, so don't
be daunted; find a good one in your price range. {These were in the 300+ range}
Don't know what sunglasses will look good on your face? Look at the guide below: {All credits to Nordstrom for this helpful graphic}
5. Well, this is summer, so you definitely need a swimsuit! 
I love swimsuits from Shabby Apple, Lime Ricki, Rey Swimwear, Nordstrom, and Land's End. {And even downscale places like Target, they actually have some great swimwear that looked exactly like a swimsuit in Anthropologie! Target seems to stock Anthro's styles the year after Anthro comes out with the original :P}
6. Indian Bangles and ethnic inspired jewelry. Just perfect for wearing with a sundress or boho skirt!
These are from Anthropologie, a store I am not very partial to, despite their inspiring swimwear :P
However, they have very unique jewelry and clothes. These bangles look like they could go well with
a variety of dresses, although I am not crazy about the colors...
7. Sunscreen... yes, you tan people, you NEED sunscreen!
8. A new summer hair-do is vital to starting your summer on a fresh note :) I got one today {very unwillingly mind you}, but I have fallen in love with it, and love the shorter length! It will be very cool for summer, and I love the highlights which will only brighten with all the sun.
9. A pedicure... you know, when you are running barefoot down the beach with the wind whipping through your gorgeous new hairstyle, you should have beautiful toes to match ;)
10. A beach tote which you can fit your sunglasses, sunscreen, and a water bottle into. Obviously, my mind is not here, but at the beach :P
This cute one is from Acccesorize, an amazing
British store which I love! And yes, I have been
there in Britain! {more on that later}
 It is an accessories heaven :)
11. Last but not least, the most important thing is to know that you are loved by Jesus, and you are BEAUTIFUL in his eyes! I am so thankful... God loves you no matter what. That is truly comforting :)
Now, I would love to hear what *you* all can't live without during the summer! please share by commenting, and I might have to add all of your incredible ideas to my list ;)
Much love,
Southern Belle


Tory said...

Wow... A post after my own heart... I can identify with every single item... I do have a question though... What do you do for modest yet cute bathing suits??? I hate wearing bulky t-shirts and bulky usually unmatching shorts... Is there a fashionable solution???

Love your blog, btw!!! :D

Southern Belle said...

Ooh, good question. I think I will have to write another post! :)

Tory said...

Oooo, yay!!! :)

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