June 14, 2011

Swoon-able Shabby Apple Dresses

If you have never heard of the clothing store "Shabby Apple", you are in for a lovely treat today. :) It is bursting with beautiful dresses, skirts, and swimsuits, and they happen to be modest as well! Can it get any better? Actually, yes. ;) They happen to be affordable, too! I also love their vision: "Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a dress, but not all of us look like runway models. Shabby Apple celebrates the short legs, curvy hips, straight waists, and flat chests in all of us." Also: "A return to what dresses were always meant to be -- a one-piece outfit. No need to add anything... no tank tops, no cardigans, nothing {except accessories, of course!}."
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So, shabby apple just came out with the new collection, "Set Sail"! Can the timing be
any more perfect? With summer fast approaching, it will soon be time to kick back
and relax. This sea green dress looks so refreshing for those hot days lounging by
the pool or beach. That color has won me over already :)
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Doesn't this just ooze 50s glamour? That bow is just adorable, and the white is
so crisp. Oh and that scarf is just perfectly placed. :) Hm. Now the inward war begins:
to buy, or not to buy, that is the question. hehe... I think I know which side wins!
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I love how this looks like a two piece outfit but it is really a dress. No more re-tucking
those pesky shirts, and adding a belt is so easy. Now that would be the life!
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Let the cuteness speak for itself. 
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First, I am in love with her hair. Second, those socks are adorable. Third, that
dress is just gorgeous. Well, I know I won't have much to spend after today ;)
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Red is sophisticated and exotic. Maxis are exciting. Combine the two? Ooh yes. Its
supercalafrajalisticexpealadocious. :)
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I'm loving all the red :) Of course the gorgeous scenery is an added bonus. Too bad
they can't sell that!
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This is pure beauty. I can think of no more words to describe it... Its called Ingrid,
presumably after ingrid Bergman from Casablanca, and I can totally see her in it.
Regal and elegant with a touch of femininity. Oh, I really want this.
Much love,
Southern Belle


Vicki said...

Soooo pretty! I love all of those....(:

Jemimah C. said...

Oh, I was planning to make a post on Shabby Apple, too. :) They make such adorable apparel!

Mel said...

I seriously have never heard of Shabby Apple before! and oh what have I been missing! These dresses are simply divine.
I absolutely adore the 2nd one and the last one is gorgeous! It really does look like something Ingrid would wear its so lovely!


Libby, Vintage Aplomb said...

Oh my gosh, all of these dresses are so lovely!!!

Erika Simone said...

Thanks for sharing. I really liked the dresses and will keep my eyes open for the name "Shabby Apple" from now on!

Southern Belle said...

Thank you all for the comments! You all have such good taste :)

Sierra said...

I love all of these!Most of them have a vintage feel to me.I want to try to wear some vintage.I'll have to get me one.That is my excuse :) Sierra

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