December 31, 2010

Signature Style

Audrey Hepburn
To be truly chic, a woman must know the building blocks of style. One of the major building blocks is knowing your personal style. Understanding your unique style comes from knowing yourself, and being confident in expressing who God created you to be. We are God’s children, and we are beautiful in his eyes. Do not hide the woman he meant you to be, just because it isn’t “in”. If you love loafers and L.L bean, don’t down a ruffled lace cardigan and sky high pink heels just because everyone else is. The truly stylish women were comfortable in their own skin. Two examples are Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. When one thinks of these two women, they often think, ‘Beauty, class, and style.’ Similar words were used to describe these two women, but they were uniquely different. These two women discovered that trends came and went, but style remained. They wore what they loved, what gave them confidence, and if that was “in” then wonderful! But if it wasn’t, they still wore it, and looked utterly fabulous. Style is discovering who God made you to be, and expressing that with confidence.

Fashions fade, style is eternal.
Yves Saint Laurent
Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.
Christian Dior
Elegance is a question of personality, more than one's clothing.
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Style is primarily a matter of instinct.
Bill Blass
While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence - which, I believe, does make the woman.
Mary Kay Ashe
Fashion condemns us to many follies; the greatest is to make ourselves its slave.
Napoleon Bonaparte
“Style” is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.
John Fairchild
Although the names of different styles vary in different sources, there are about 7 categories of personal style. Often, you will relate to two or even three of the categories.
In each of these posts, I will describe the style, list the style essentials, and give it a rating on its modesty, femininity, and age-appropriateness. 
God bless!
~Southern Belle

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