January 01, 2011

Bohemian Style

Beautiful bohemian dress...

The Bohemian style is natural and care-free. It is flowing and fresh. The bohemian dresser is self-expressive and appreciates different cultures, mixing them into her style. (African, Indian, Gypsy :) When people think of the bohemian style, hippies are often the first image to come to mind. Although the bohemian style does resemble the hippie style in its floral prints, headbands, and loose dresses, the bohemian style keeps moving with modern trends. A hippie is stuck in the 70s. A bohemian dresser is casually care-free, and simply stylish. Accessories tell a story, and the bohemian dresser knows that power. The Bohemian style focuses on accessories, so don’t skimp on them! :D
Modesty Score: How does the Bohemian style stack up? Bohemian style is a lot like “Romantic Style” in this category. Beware sheer fabrics, and make sure to wear a slip or camisole if necessary. Make sure the skirt or dress will not be lifted up by the wind! (you know what happens then…) Also make sure that your shirt will not gap when you lean over to pick something up etc. But overall, the Bohemian style is fairly modest, because everything is so loose and flowing.
Femininity Score: The Bohemian style does quite well in this section. Long flowing skirts and dresses dominate this style, and floral prints are quite feminine too. A word of warning, though. Bohemian clothing has very earthy tones, so be sure to mix those with beautiful feminine colors and prints. The easiest way to be feminine is to mix the bohemian style with the romantic style. They can be very similar, and they complement each other very well.
Age Appropriate Score: The Bohemian style must be adjusted with age. But that is simple if you follow the guidelines in the “Age Appropriate Style” post. :)
Bohemian style essentials: 
Ethnic inspired tunic top (A long, loose shirt
usually covering the derriere)
Ethnic inspired tunic top
Sundresses (I wear a tank under some sundresses
as they can be pretty immodest without them)
Slouch knee or ankle boots
Thick Indian bangles
Thin Indian bangles
Ethnic Jewelry
Beaded necklaces
Beaded necklaces

Gladiator Sandals
White Peasant skirt
Colored Peasant Skirt
Gypsy inspired peasant skirt

Bohemian fringe scarf
Wide legged, worn jeans (sort of bellbottomish ;)
Peasant blouse
Embroidered peasant blouse
Lace peasant blouse :)

Crotched Poncho
Woven Boho Belt
Bohemian stores:
Here is a fantastic resource for bohemian clothes.
God bless!
~Southern Belle
(Note: some of the information here was inspired by thechicfashionista.com)


Chelsea said...

Beautiful clothing! I just found your blog, and I think you have an awesome concept going. It's always been interesting to me what people's interpretations of modesty and femininity are, especially as described Biblically. For instance, in the femininity score for the bohemian style, you suggest adding more color. (The reason I love this style, by the way, is because I find it so colorful, haha!) I love color, but I don't think I've ever thought of the absence of it as un-feminine. Also, I know a few people who would not consider a thin-strapped dress modest, no matter how high the neckline, or how low the hem. I see it as modest, personally, but the shoulders and clavicle are seen as provocative to some. Anyway, I'm not criticizing your article at all, I just find it so interesting how our opinions can differ. It can sometimes make it harder to appear modest (and/or feminine) when your version is so different from someone else's. Thank you for sharing your beliefs and opinions!

Deepu Sahoo said...

WOW lovely Crotched Poncho design and color
match with vintage bags

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