January 19, 2011

Eclectic Style

A girl with a very eclectic
style :)
You don’t follow trends; you make them. Wacky, playful, and audacious, you don’t mind standing out. Bold colors, cartoon-like elements, statement pieces, clashing colors, boxy clothes, and very extreme accesories are all the things you love. You wear what everyone else isn’t wearing; you wear what everyone tells you not to wear. Dressing to please yourself, you stand against the flurries of fashion and wear what you love. The combination is irresistable. But remember, if you do this look, you have got to do it with confidence. Own your clothes, don’t let them own you. 
Modesty Score: Since you mix and match different styles, I can't give a modesty score. As long as you are careful, it shouldn't be too difficult to dress modestly.
Femininity Score: The score for this category will change from outfit to outfit. Some eclectic dressers like to dress up like manga characters... Try to incorporate feminine elements into your outfit. (feminine colors, skirts, dresses, bows, etc.)
Age-Appropriate Score: You can be an eclectic dresser when you are old-ER, but be wary. Try not to look like the average teenager in Tokyo! {if you have no idea what I mean, go look at a street style website, and prepare to *gasp*} Incorporate classy and timeless into your eclectic salad. For example, if you want to wear a pair of wellington boots and a peacock feather hat and Indian bangles, go classic with everything else. Let the classic become the glue for your outfits. But seriously, stay away from over the top looks, at ANY age! :)
Style Essentials:
The key word here is statement. Get a statement dress, hat, jewelry, ANYTHING! Check out the essentials for all the other styles and incorporate the elements that you like and admire. Make sure to get all the glue pieces (a post on that coming soon!) so that you can have a basic foundation for your clothes. Set aside an afternoon and dig through your clothes. Combine clothes into outfits you would have never thought about before. Be a little zany and wacky. :) The best place for you to shop is at thrift stores and vintage stores. Don't expect treasures to come at once, but after some time, you may find something that works with your life and style! =) 
God bless!
~Southern Belle

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