January 02, 2011

The Trendy Style

Not very modest, but it still encompasses
the trendy look.
The trendy style a style that keeps abreast with all the trends. If it is “in” then you are wearing it. It may be something as wacky as pink fur boots, or as classic as multiple strands of pearls. Even though the trends change every six months or so, you still believe that trends are important enough to follow. The trendy style is VERY self-explanatory. I have two warnings for you trendy dressers at heart. Please don’t become a fashion victim! Remember Yves Saint Laurent’s infamous quote: “Fashions fade; style is eternal.” Incorporate the trendy style into something more timeless and enduring. Your goal is style, never fashion. J Another important thing to remember about trendy style: trends are often immodest and  not very feminine. It is very difficult to dress with modesty and femininity while following ALL the trends. Discern which trends support your views on modesty and femininity, and cut out those that don’t.
Modesty Score: The score for this category depends on the specific trend itself. There is nothing immodest about wearing horns on your head (although I wouldn’t advice it…), but wearing a mini skirt is not modest. ;) You get my point? Use discernment when deciding which trends to go for and which trends to bypass!
Femininity Score: Again, this depends on the trend. Go for the feminine, modest ones, skip the immodest, not very feminine ones.
Age Appropriate Score: By the time you are 50 plus, it is hoped that you will have developed your own style, and not driven by fashion. So for the most part, unless the trends are absolutely perfect for you, bypass them. (My personal opinion, mind you!)
Trendy style essentials:
This one, I can’t answer. L I mean, if I answer with the trends for right now, this post will not help anyone six months from now! But, I do have some suggestions for following the trendy clothing style. Follow the trends. This website has EVERYTHING when it comes to trend spotting and affordable  fashion. Sometimes I just look here if I need a laugh at all the craziness. :P Please look at this website with discernment as it is a non-Christian website, but I would still encourage all of you trendy dressers to look at it. It has some incredible information! http://fashionstyleadvice.com/new-trends
To gain some timeless quality to your style, I would suggest looking at the classic style, and getting some of their pieces. The classic style works well with a lot of the sane trends, and will keep you from looking like a fashion victim! I will be doing a post on the classic pieces for all styles. Be sure to watch out for it.
Look into other styles. The trendy style can be very unfeminine, so the romantic style might add some feminine flourishes. The natural style might bring you down to earth, because the trendy style can look superficial. The dramatic style sets you apart from the pack, because tons of people are trendy. Etc. Etc. You get the point! J
Skip the immodest trends. Don’t even go there!
Take a look at celebrity style. MANY celebrities are trendy, so you can get a good sense for what is going on in the trends. But please look with discernment. It is not often that a celebrity dons a modest outfit.

Some good shops for the trendy clothing personality are:
Forever 21, Macy’s, Aeropostale, Abercombie & Fitch, H & M, and Topshop
This is a good example of changing trends to be more modest. 
Changing Trendy to modest and more feminine
When your style is trendy, the greatest tool you have is the Bible. The Bible will help you discern which trends are worthwhile, and which trends would be wise to bybass. Keep that in mind!
God bless!
~Southern Belle

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