January 09, 2011

Natural Style

A bit of boho mixed with
the natural style. :)
This is the style many of us turn to when we would like to relax. :) But it most certainly is a style for many other circumstances, that is, if you are brave enough to try this tousled, chic look. The natural style is casual, yet very debonair. Whenever I see someone with this look I always think, "They look like they just rolled out of bed, but they still look incredible!" *Sigh* I wish I could do that. ;) The natural style evokes images of jeans, polo shirts, espadrilles, and naturally classic items. This style goes hand in hand with the "Classic Style", be sure you check that post very thoroughly!
Modesty Score: This style scores well for this category. Since this style emphasizes casual wear, watch out for those shorts and tank tops! They don't provide much coverage! Stick with long shorts or capris (my personal favorite.... I love the white slim kind!) and if you must wear tanks, try to layer them! In anything you wear, stick with your modesty principles. Guidelines are good to a point, but you really have to assess each piece of clothing individually. :)
Femininity Score: This category has low marks. Not to worry though, my dear readers! That can all be changed! This style emphasizes casualness. Guys happen to reign as kings of casual. So this style has gotten a lot of inspiration from the casually cool guys. Although dressing femininely is difficult in this style, it can be done! I suggest that you natural dressers take cues from the "Bohemian Style". It is very natural and can be very casual. The Bohemian style mixed with the natural style produces very nice results. :) To gain more femininity, try to wear skirts as much as possible. To maintain your naturalness, think long flowy skirts that are easy to move in. If you are physically active (aka. you like to climb trees... ;) you can wear leggings under them! Try to wear feminine colors such as blues and reds and yellows and light green. Oh, and pink... but of course! I will femininify this style when I list the essentials below.
Age Appropriate Score: This is one style that CAN be used by anyone, regardless of age. But be forewarned: every style needs polish. This style may lack that, and as you grow older, the polish you need is a little stronger than when you were younger. :) Be sure to apply that polish! (For more help on dressing age appropriately, go to my post on "Age Appropriate Style".
Natural Style Essentials: (please note that the links under the photographs are for copyright purposes only. If you choose to view these websites, please use discretion as I do not know if all the information is appropriate. :)
Feminine T-shirts... this one is lovely!
3/4 length sleeves are very feminine
for some reason :) (please stay away
from shirts with writing, especially on
the chest! They emphasize things
 that should not be emphasized)
Cardigans.... I love this cardigan because
it is so naturally feminine. The color and
a few ruffles really make this cardigan very
gorgeous. Look for those two elements!
Brown leather belt

Jean Skirt. Oh I love this version!
Ankle length is so gorgeous :) If you
need more mobility, get a flared version.
Tan, cargo inspired skirt.
(this skirt should probably hit
right below the knee :)
A short shirtdress
You can wear this over pants and jeans, since
the shirtdress can cover the tighter areas. :)
I do not endorse wearing it by itself, as the
length is very short! (usually mid thigh)
A long shirtdress :) How long? That  depends on your
modesty convictions.  Be sure to get this in a gorgeous
feminine color. (I will recommend the website below; it has
 awesome modest clothing!)
Safari Dress (minus
the slit, please :)
Club Monaco
Another Safari dress...
I love the way she created this look!
A pair of simple aviators

Brown or black boots
(cowboy, equestrian, high heels,
any type! Just make sure they are
natural!) fashiontribes.typepad.com
Simple black flats
Birkenstocks (for casual summer)
And a shoe that you can be casual and dirty in. A must, of course. :)
A long, flowing peasant skirt.
Boatneck striped shirt
Gorgeous black skirt.
I like this version because it is long,
beautiful and modest!!!
Pearl studs and necklace
Diamond studs
The natural style is wonderful for everyday circumstances, but if you attend a white tie affair or something, I suggest you go a little classic and dramatic. :) Jean skirts don't quite belong there!
God bless, my dear readers!
~Southern Belle

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