January 01, 2011

Classic Style

Jackie O.

The classic style is traditional, natural elegance. A classic dresser is drawn to the simplicity and natural chic-ness of this style. Many women such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. have made this simple style standout amongst the more flashy styles. This is a style that lasts, and will outlive the trends that change every 6 months. That is why the foundation of any woman’s wardrobe is often built off of classic pieces, because the classic style is so versatile, timeless, and elegant. A true classic dresser will ignore the trends and stick to the clothes that she know will last. Enduring chic.
Modesty Score:
If a classic dresser watches the hemlines and tightness she will be fine on the bottom. If she watches how low and tight her shirts are, she will be fine. The classic style is easy to be modest in, as long as you watch carefully when you buy clothing.
Femininity Score:
The classic style is not very feminine. In that one respect, it has a very low score. But, that can be changed. When you are a classic dresser, try to stick with feminine colors, which add light to your outfit. Wearing dresses and skirts, a classic dresser immediately adds femininity to any outfit. When you are buying a button-up white shirt, try to find one with feminine detailing such as ruffles, an interesting collar, or pretty buttons. When looking for a blazer, also find one with feminine detailing, such as ruffles on the sleeves etc. Cardigans were originally men’s clothing, so be sure to get them in a feminine color such as lavender or light blue, which won’t overwhelm your classic look. If you need more feminine inspiration, be sure to check out the “Romantic Style” post. In this post, I changed some of the "classic pieces" of the classic style to more feminine versions of the same piece. The classic style borrowed a lot of pieces from men's fashion, so the classic style personalities need to take extra care to dress femininely.
Age Appropriate Score:
This style works for women ages 12-forever. If you are younger, be sure to pair the classic style with other style influences, and don’t go overboard with classic. Classic is timeless, but teens need to stick a toe in a few of the trends, or else they will seem unimaginative and dull.

Here are some of the essentials for the Classic Dresser: (The links under the photos are for copyright purposes only. Please use discretion if you would like to look the website up, as there might be questionable information on it.)

Oversized Sunglasses
Ruffled Blazer
More Masculine blazer
Feminine Cardigan
Feminine Cardigan... *in love* (except the color :P )
Classic Pearls (real please! Unless you want to go ala Coco Chanel!)
Little Black Dress (The bow and sheer, flowy fabric add feminine touches)

Black skirt!

Fitted T-shirt (The U-neck should be a lot higher)
V-neck T-shirt

Feminine button-up white shirt
Feminine button-up white shirt

Sleek, black boots (high heel or riding boots)
Classic black ballet flats

Classic black pumps: low-high heels, open or closed toe,
patent leather or real, the possibilities are endless!

White Jeans (If you only wear skirts, change this to a white skirt)
Shift dress: a straight dress with little waist shaping.
I chose this dress because it was feminine, but it is
not the best example of a shift dress!
Dark blue jeans (If you wear skirts only, you can change this
to a denim skirt.)
Classic Jewelry
A few Classic style shops:
Ann Taylor (a bit pricey)
Banana Republic
J. Crew
A word of caution: since the classic style is very simple, make sure that you add a touch of flair through the other styles to your outfits so that your style doesn't become dull and boring.
Here is an outfit that is completely classic. Michelle Obama has incredible style! 
Michelle Obama style: Gorgeous!
God bless!
~Southern Belle

(Some of the information in this post was influenced by thechicfashionista.com)
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