January 06, 2011

Dramatic style

Classy, feminine, modest. The
perfect model of the
Dramatic Style.
I admire the dramatic style a lot. It is elegant, classy, and well, dramatic! The dramatic style is strong and powerful. Angles, straight lines, deep, rich colors, and statement clothing dominate your wardrobe. Dramatic is the opposite of Romantic. It is a style that can make an impression. Your style can both intimidate and intrigue. The dramatic style starts with the attitude. Mystery, drama, class, and elegance. (Mystery does not mean looking like a detective! Christa Taylor at empoweredtraditionalist.com did a good series on "How to be Mysterious", and despite the weird title, it was a good post. Here is the link: http://www.empoweredtraditionalist.com/2010/12/31/how-to-be-mysterious-part-3/ ) Remember, it is the woman inside the clothes that matter. You are dignified, but never haughty. You are sophisticated, but never worldly. You are gracious, but never frigid.
Here are some photos of dramatic and feminine women from the 50s and 60s. Take them as good examples... aren't they gorgeous?! :
{The links under the photos are for copyright purposes}
So dramatic!!!
I love the look, but hate the cigarette :(
Dramatic Style Essentials
Modesty Score: The focus on dramatic is not the skin showing... more the lack of. So in this category, you have a pretty easy job. Beware low backs and exposed shoulders... they are quite prevalent in this style.
Femininity Score: This style can be feminine (as shown in those photos) but it is far easier to be masculine in this style. What made those photos above so dramatic and feminine? What were some of similar things in those photos? For one, they wore a lot of hats. Gorgeous, feminine hats. Oh, so glamorous! I collect hats and love to wear them; they do add a touch of flair. :) Another thing was pearls. A lot of them wore pearls. Think of the dramatic Coco Chanel piling on those strands of pearls! Uberchic! Gloves were another common element… when tastefully worn, glamorous! Many of them also wore statement jewelry. They were so classic in their jewelry… nothing vulgar about it at all. They all added a distinctly feminine “something” to their outfit to make it dramatic yet classy. These women wore creams, browns, icy blues, black, and classic red. I think that tells us something too. ;) One more thing: Almost all of them wore low buns. Of course, take this all with a grain of salt; these women were from the fifties, and you are from the 21st century!
Age Appropriate Score: This is one of those styles that you older ladies reign in. Although younger women can be dramatic, it is so gorgeous to see the classic, dramatic look on woman who has actually seen all the dramatic styles of old. You guys do it so well. J If you are younger and you like this look, make sure your pride has been plowed down enough.... we don’t need haughtiness!
Dramatic Style Essentials:
Statement Jewelry. Black, preferably. Or
Statement cocktail ring
Some statement Jewelry in red
Gold cuffs. With diamonds? Even better!
Diamond chandelier earrings
Make a statement with hairclips!
Skirt Suit {or a normal suit}
Vintage hats :) Net is so mysterious....
And gloves are so amazing on the right
occasion. :)
Red heels
A little black dress
Red lipstick... what a statement! :)
(oh, and she is gorgeous!)
Red nail polish
You need a drop dead gorgeous dress. But, I cannot supply the picture. Everybody's tastes are different when it comes to this particular item of clothing. Express your unique self!
A statement clutch
A red silk scarf
Icy blue dress and of course,
 a gorgeous red dress
Feminine button up white shirt
The style essentials are rather.... dramatic. :) If you love this style go for it, but it takes a lot of poise and respect to get it right. If you have those two elements, you are good to go! Here is a photo of a gorgeous dramatic girl:

Blessings dear readers!
~Southern Belle
(please note that this article was inspired by thechicfashionista.com)

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