January 30, 2011

Spring Runway Looks 2011

Leafing through my multiple folders on the computer, I stumbled across a folder containing spring runway photos. :) You can imagine how happy I was, since I know can post my favorites on this little blog. What a sweet surprise! Thank you, God. :) Here are those long belated photos! Enjoy! :)
(All photos are from Vogue.com)
The glittery cardigan is so cute, and those
pants are what I would call modest. What
do you all think? :) Diane Von Furstenburg
D&G were really fantastic this season... as
shown by this gorgeous and modest lace dress!
Wouldn't you LOVE to have it? :)
I love her make-up and hair... and the dress
is really cute. :) Ralph Lauren
I heart these spectacular pants! It is SO hard
to find modest pants, but those are really nice!
(And yes, I think the turban is just plain cool. :)
Giorgio Armani
D&G were really high on my list this season!
Just look at all that pink!!
Another beautiful dress from D&G
I actually like something from... Alexander
McQueen?? *Gasp* But, this dress is gorgeous!
I almost screamed when I saw this!!!!! I LOVE
it! So classy and chic. *Sigh* It surely has a price
tag to match. :P This is by my favorite designer of
all time (drumroll, please) Oscar de la Renta!!!! 
That hat is sooooo cute! And the dress would
be nice, if it were on a different person. :)
Oscar de la Renta
Gorgeous. Oscar de la Renta
I love this maxi! And the shirt would be really
chic, if it were miles higher on the neckline. ;)
Can you guess? Oscar de la Renta
So classy and modest!
Oscar de la Renta 
This is one of the only jumpsuits I have seen
and like. Pink and ruffles score high on my list!
Oscar de la Renta 
Seriously, the person who buys this dress
and wears it will feel like a princess!
Oscar de la Renta
He just made black lace classy. This man
is a genius! Oscar de la Renta
*sob* I really want this dress! (anyone know
how to get a dress exactly like this for... less? ;)
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
The print is a little weird, I admit. But, it has
gloves and a dress!!!! (the top part is NOT modest,
just to clear things up ;) Oscar de la Renta
Beautiful!!!!! Same thing for the top part :)
Oscar de la Renta

So pretty! Oscar de la Renta
GORGEOUS. Yes, with capitals ;)
Oscar de la Renta
Does this guy read my mind or something??
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Ralph Lauren. I love that dress!!!!
Some of you do not share my style, so I will
show you a photos of something modest that
I would never wear. ;) So, maybe that is a bit
better for you? ;)
Who is your favorite designer? :)
Southern Belle

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